Moraitis Beach
Fanatic Falcon 86lt

Fanatic Falcon 86lt

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The new Falcon is such a board, designed with speed and power in mind, a board that will satisfy even the most demanding needs of all race addicts. The first thing you should know about the Falcon is that is not a good choice for novice or beginner riders. Instead, experienced and advanced riders can control this pure freeracing beast and make it deliver maximum efficiency. The Falcon features a compact and narrow shape and has an enhanced outline that permits it to glide through the water at awesome speed and without any drag at all. Additional power for jibes and jumps is added through the use of a 75 degrees oriented tail. Soft rails at the tip, combined with thin ones in the straps area increase top speed significantly. Not only that the Falcon is fast and powerful, but it is also stable and maneuverable. A proportional volume distribution makes it very stable and reliable even in gusty conditions, while the double concave shape provides maximum maneuverability when the board turns or when the waves get rough. Overall performance in terms of speed and maneuverability is also enhanced by the innovative CDC (Compact Design Concept) developed by Fanatic.

The Fanatic Falcon comes in Carbon Sandwich structure version and in Biax Carbon Sandwich structure for the slalom model. Both models, the Falcon and Falcon Slalom deliver the perfect amount of power and speed to make any slalom or freeracing session unique and extreme.

To cover a large weight range, the board is available in 86 to 145 liters volume and 58x240 to 85x230 centimeters sizes. Depending on its size and volume it is best used with a 4.5 to 10.0 square meters sail.