Moraitis Beach
Nah Skwell Well 11"

Nah Skwell Well 11"

700 EUR

Model: Well 11' (335cm) 
Width: 30" 1/2, 
Thickness: 5" 3/4 
Volume: 230lt 
Weight: 12kgs 
Fin: Single 27 cm US


Nahskwell has worked to conceive four “discover” hulls designed to keep for a long time, whether your level is advanced or beginner.

The idea was to make a user-friendly board but technical enough that the rider would not need to change it at the first sign of progress.


This was implemented in three different classes:

“Discover waves”: The 9’3 & 9’7 Well are perfect for any size rider who is able to balance and quickly can get into surfing. This board is especially attractive to smaller and lighter sizes (women and children) for touring on flat water.

“Discover All Around Family”: The 10’8 Well is a big long board that is easy and fun for the entire family, for touring and testing small waves.

“Discover Row”: The 11’ Well is a board for touring and exploring on flat water.

Construction : OSS.